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How Cloud Billing Helps

Complete Billing Service

Home Health Billing
Let Cloud Billing handle the daily tasks of submitting your RAPs, final claims, patient encounter reports, etc. Real-time reporting and monthly, balanced-accounts-receivable reports let you know exactly where your funds are.

Revenue Recovery

Home Health Revenue Recovery Audit
An 18-month look-back by our experts often reveals significant reimbursement that was earned but never billed effectively. Let us find the returns-to-provider, denials, rejections, skipped bills, and other problems that hamper Medicare reimbursement.


Hospice Billing Consultant
Do you need a billing expert to give you tips on how to efficiently and thoroughly stream data from your clinical services into billing? Do you want to know how to ensure you are getting full reimbursement? We are available to assess your operations and answer your questions.


Hospice Billing Training
Cloud Billing experts are available to train every staff member involved in the billing process. From the administrator, to the business manager, to the clinical directors, to the clinicians, we can show everyone involved how to simplify tasks while improving efficiency and revenues.

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Contact Cloud Billing now for a free recovery audit. Free Analysis